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Teach English to schools and families in Spain.

Do you want to experience the Spanish lifestyle? This is a unique experience! The only thing that you need is being a English native speaker. With our program you have the opportunity to get real experience teaching children. Your career will become international!


You will be teaching at school in the morning, in a classroom. Your mission is to improve the speaking of children. You will have a real experience in a classroom. Your skills as a teacher will improve day by day and you can learn from other teachers. And in the evenings you will have the opportunity to teach English to children in their houses, so you will live the real life of a Spanish family!


If you want to get experience in teaching, travel after work, get to know Spanish culture and new people, this is your chance! See everything you can do:

  • Experience the Spanish way of life and enjoy afternoon siestas. 

  • Gain Spanish fluency by living with a host family and sharing daily life with locals. 

  • Become more passionate about your major and propel your career with international experience. 

  • Make memories you’ll never forget during weekend.

  • The monthly salary at the school is around seven hundred euros and the hourly wage in families is around fifteen euros.

  • Visit Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Murcia and many other cities throughout Europe during your free time.

Are you going to miss it? Apply now!